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Academia de afaceri


               Acadeny of Economy Svishtov Town

The foundation of the Higher School of Commerce in Svishtov is strongly bound with the town’s history. During the period of the Bulgarian National Revival Svishtov gained recognition as an important commercial centre, where a number of educational and cultural institutions were founded through the bright years of the Bulgarian Renaissance. The town is the birthplace of patriotic Bulgarians and a centre of beneficiary traditions for the benefit of the people’s progress. Progressively-minded merchants and intellectuals cherished in their hearts a wish to measure and compare the economic, cultural and intellectual growth of the town with European standards and development.

This greatly roused the zeal for renewal. “The great flames” of patriotism and renaissance enthusiasm gave rise to noble beneficiary traditions, serving the needs of education. Mentioned in an article in the Tsarigradski newspaper from July 1858, the town of Svishtov was the, “renowned capital of education in Bulgaria!”

Dimitar Apostolov Tsenov, with his invaluable contribution to the community and the country, stands out among the noble figures of the benefactors from Svishtov. “Dimitar Tsenov is a great Bulgarian, a continuator of the glorious deeds of his predecessors”, said the Bulgarian Academician, Georgi Danailov. The Academy of Economics vindicates the name of the Benefactor and the pride of Svishtov as a recognized academic centre.

A decree signed by Tsar Boris III in November 8th 1936 reads: “A higher Education School of Business is being established in the town of Svishtov under the name “D. A. Tsenov” with purposes to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the specific areas of the economic science.” (State Gazette, vol. 200, Sep. 5th 1936).